We represent VERESCENCE LA GRANJA INSULATORS, present in the insulator market for over 80 years as specialist in distribution and transport electrical networks for medium to high voltages up to 765 kV, as well as for sub-stations and overhead lines for and high-speed railways.
La Granja Insulators has been certified according to the highest international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001.
The range of suspension insulators complies with the main international standards: IEC, ANSI, CSA, BS, NF, UTE, UNE, DIN, etc. For each standard, there is a wide variety of mechanical resistances ranging from 40 kN up to 400 kN, covering different possible types of power lines and substations for Alternating Current (AC).
La Granja has divided the product range of glass insulators into four groups depending on the shape adapted to different environmental conditions.
Standard Profile Insulator
Mainly used for low pollution lines.
Open profile or Aerodynamic insulators
With a completely flat dielectric profile is highly recommended to desert areas. Its shapes enable the wind to perform a self-cleaning process.
Anti-pollution or Anti-fog profile insulators
For areas with medium to heavy pollution.
Spherical profile insulators
Similar features as the Open profile or Aerodynamic insulator.
Silicone-coated insulators
The Future solution with mechanical reliability and excellence performance against pollution suitable for transmission lines in coastal regions in Peru.